Joanna Shoffner Scott

Season 1, Episode 5

Episode Summary

On this episode we welcome Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott. 

Joanna is an experienced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant with expertise in racial equity and she is the founder of Stamey Street Consulting Group. 

Her specialty is getting organizations “unstuck” in their equity journey. In my experience working with Joanna, this means well meaning organizations turn to her when they are trying to get started or they are having trouble turning the corner to get to real change.

With her organizational focus, we’ll talk quite a bit on this episode about race in the workplace. Fittingly enough Joanna has podcast by the same name, which you can find at

That podcast is focused on DEI practitioners. It’s full of tactical, practical, and actionable advice, as well as insights from other practitioners, and a good helping of emotional support for navigating equity work. 

If you have ever heard the trailer for the White People Make Everything About Race podcast, you’ve heard me say that everyone faces challenges, but not everyone’s challenges are the same. That phrase is one that I learned directly from Joanna. 

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with her: her ability to go deep into the structures and constructs that perpetuate racial inequity, but then to also make things very concrete and relatable to people’s everyday experiences, and to do it with empathy and understanding.

Just like the edge where personal meets professional, the edge where systems meet self is a difficult and sticky place to be. 

Hopefully this interview will help get you a little unstuck.

Learn more about Dr. Shoffner Scott at Stamey Street Consulting Group at

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